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Our Mission: ”To educate, to empower, and to achieve the most favorable outcome, so that you can gain back your life.” Joey Turner

Your Case Can Be Dismissed or Reduced

The Turner Firm has a reputation winning cases that seem hopeless. Most of our clients want to have their charges completely dismissed or significantly reduced, and we deliver that for them.

To educate, to empower, and to achieve the most favorable outcome, so that you can gain back your life.

We Always Plead Our Clients Not Guilty

We avoid pleading out at all costs. We simply don’t believe in it, and it’s what makes us different from most other criminal lawyers in Savannah. When we show up at court, the prosecution is in for a challenge, and they know it. As former prosecutors, The Turner Firm understands what it is like to be on the other side of the law, and we use that leverage and wisdom to your advantage to win cases.

The Secret To Winning What Seem Unwinnable Cases

Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.

We go into every case more prepared than the prosecution and the police officer that made the arrest because we treat each case as if it were going to trial from day one. The more we know, the easier it is to find holes in the prosecution’s argument and law enforcement’s case. We will track down witnesses, collect evidence, and painstakingly review all the details of your case, including police reports, test results, video feeds, audio recordings, and court documents.

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    Your Have Rights

    You may feel powerless, but you have rights. In the course of your case, law enforcement may have violated those rights. They’re only human, and they make mistakes like the rest of us. They misfile documents, lose evidence, and fail to follow protocol. We find those mistakes and capitalize on them to defend our clients.

    Don’t make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced or careless lawyer to defend you. In this day and age, you are guilty until proven innocent and there are high stakes at risk including a criminal record.

    Win Back Your Life By Scheduling a Free, No Obligation Case Evaluation

    The first thing you should do is write down everything that happened leading up to your arrest, and share that with your lawyer. We use that record to tell your side of the story. During your case evaluation, we start creating a narrative and defense that explains what happened from your perspective.

    Case evaluations take an hour at minimum. We can talk online, over the phone or in-person. Whether you decide to hire us or not, you will feel better after talking with us, you will have many more options available to you, and you will gain a lot of insight about your next moves. Our payment plans are flexible to help you manage the cost of aggressive representation.

    Your Case Can Be Dismissed or Reduced.

    Why Consider The Turner Firm Over Other Firms?

    We believe in telling your side of the story and helping you get your life back on track without a criminal record.

    We are frequently called upon by local and national news about high profile and high stakes criminal cases, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS. We’ve also been recognized for our work by our positive online reviews, testimonials, and awards.

    Our firm is grateful for the media attention, positive reviews, and awards that we have earned over the years, but our highest honor is helping our clients fight their charges and return to a normal life with an outcome that they are satisfied with. Our example case wins speak to that fact.

    • You deserve to be heard.
    • You deserve to be supported in this difficult time.
    • You deserve justice.
    • You deserve to get your life back.

    You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.  Schedule your confidential, no-obligation consultation online today.

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