Savannah College Criminal Records

Helping College Students Keep Their Records Clean

From Georgia Southern to SCAD and Savannah State, there are several colleges in the Savannah area. I often represent students from these esteemed institutions. Either they or their parents call me with one main concern: keeping the student’s record clean.

If you are a college student facing charges, you will need an experienced lawyer who will fight for you both in court and on campus. Almost every time a student from a local college is charged with a crime, the college will initiate “student conduct proceedings.” These are separate proceedings from the criminal case that can have a profound impact on future legal proceedings. For example, anything that you say to a college administrator about the circumstances surrounding the charges can be used against you in court (just like any other statements that you may make). The college’s adjudication of you as “guilty” of a student conduct violation can also be introduced as evidence against you in your criminal case.

When a student contacts me for help, the first thing I do is intervene with the college student conduct proceedings and notify the school that we make no admissions as to any conduct and that we challenge everything regarding the incident. I often accompany students to administrative review boards to discuss their behavior, and by doing so I can protect the student from incriminating him or herself in any way.

Aside from the college’s student code violation hearings, I also work diligently to make sure that my clients’ records stay clean. When you are in college, you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t let a criminal charge jeopardize scholarships and future employment. Call us at The Turner Firm or submit any question you have regarding your case today.

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