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In Georgia, Public Indecency is a criminal charge that is applied to situations in which the defendant exposed his or her private parts in public.Four acts could be considered public indecency in Georgia:

  • Sexual contact with another person in a public place, including intercourse.
  • Lewd exposure of a person’s sexual organs.
  • Lewd appearance in public partially or completely naked.
  • A lewd caress or indecent sexual touch of another person.

A public place can realistically be anywhere that other people are found, including jail and other correctional facilities.

Public indecency can be a sex crime in Georgia.

What Are the Penalties for Public Indecency?

A first-time conviction is considered a misdemeanor in most cases. A second conviction is also usually a misdemeanor, but it could potentially be a felony depending on the circumstances of the case. Potential consequences for both include a year in jail, hefty fines, and registry as a sex offender.

A third conviction for Public Indecency is a felony. Jail time can be between one and five years, fines can be assessed, and registration as a sex offender is possible.

Common Defenses for Public Indecency

There are two common defenses against public indecency that have been successful in the past. For the prosecution to get a conviction, there must be willful intent and motivation.

Willful intent is often easy to disprove. An unintentional exposure is not a crime, and a conviction is unlikely for something unintentional.

The other aspect of these cases is motivation. Public indecency requires sexual motivation. Therefore, urinating in public is not public indecency because it is not sexually motivated.

Begin Building Your Defense Immediately

In Georgia, Public Indecency can be considered a sex crime by the state. Although the crime itself may be a misdemeanor, it is a serious offense that can follow you around on your record and must be handled with care. Although being accused of a sex crime is terrifying, it is important to build a strong defense and fight against a conviction.

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