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Joey Turner regularly fields calls from local and national news media to comment on high-profile cases.

Media outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC have featured him as a source, spotlighting high-stakes criminal trials. Local news outlets in Savannah, Georgia, also turn to Mr. Turner for statements on cases of local relevance.

He represents everyone from law enforcement to other lawyers to average people who want an aggressive, experienced attorney fighting their charges, as evidenced by an abundance of positive reviews and case wins.

Joey Turner’s Media Know-How

Most notably, Mr. Turner represented clients in consequential murder trials as well as a local police chief – cases that made national news. “I do a lot of public relations directly with news organizations because there’s so much you can gain from media exposure,” he says.

Media coverage can help raise interest in cases that highlight instances of injustice. He uses his platform to expose wrong doing that speaks to issues being discussed nation-wide like wrongful arrests and government misconduct.

Joey Turner’s Approach to Media Coverage

Mr. Turner approaches his use of the media in two ways.

First, to set the scene for potential jurors. Even though the jury selection process is meant to exclude jurors who may be biased by what they’ve heard on the news, those jurors still get selected from time to time. Mr. Turner treats that as an advantage if and when it happens. “If you can get your story out there, we already have a narrative we can work with. I’ve already started the trial, so to speak,” he notes.

Second, if one of his cases is mentioned in the media, he knows how to protect his clients from harmful exposure. “The media is a tool,” he explains. “If you don’t use it, then it can hurt you. But, any time there’s media interest, we want to use it if we can.”

Working with the Media

If you’re a media outlet and you’d like to consult Mr. Turner on a case, or if you want Mr. Turner’s media-savvy representation, reach out below to schedule a time to talk.

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