Georgia DUI Walk and Turn Test

One of the usual tests the police administer when someone is suspected of DUI is the walk-and-turn. This test consists of the officer telling you to walk a straight line (either real or imaginary) for 9-10 steps and then turn “heel to toe” and walk back.

This test may seem simple, but the police have designed it for you to fail. If your heel misses your toe on a step, that can be listed as a clue for DUI. If you take too many steps or ask again for the instructions, you could fail the test.

That said, the results of the walk-and-turn are easily attacked by an effective DUI lawyer. We routinely challenge the test using the conditions in which it was administered (either uneven or sloped ground) or the physical condition of our clients (knee problems, etc.). These are just a few ways that we attack and beat the walk-and-turn test.

When you are faced with a DUI, you need a criminal defense lawyer that can attack all parts of the DUI case. Give us a call to discuss how to beat your DUI.

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