Get a Savannah DUI Off of Your Record

In Georgia, there is no way to have a DUI conviction expunged.—once a DUI is on your record, it is there for good. The harmful effects of a DUI conviction will follow you throughout your life, whether you are applying to college, looking for a job, or applying for a loan The best way to get a DUI off of your record is to never let it get there in the first place!

Your Attorney’s Role

An aggressive DUI attorney will work from day one to try and beat your case, not to simply get it reduced to a reckless driving charge. Many universities and employers have wised up to the practice of reducing a DUI to a reckless driving, and they often view reckless driving in the same way as a DUI. That is why my first instinct is always to beat the DUI, not to plead it out.

There are many ways to beat a DUI, but you will need an aggressive DUI attorney fighting on your side to do so. A DUI conviction is permanent and life-changing, so don’t let it happen to you!

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