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No defendant is without hope. If you have been accused of a sex crime, you are likely feeling like your life has already been destroyed. But an accusation does not automatically mean that you are guilty. At the Turner Firm, we fight for our clients, and make sure that their side of the story is heard.

Sex Crimes We Handle

Sex crimes are serious offenses, and an accusation alone can severely damage your reputation and personal life. A conviction can have serious implications on your future, so the cases must be handled with the utmost care and consideration.

Our team will defend you from any misdemeanor or felony sex crime charge.

Possible charges can include:

Most of these crimes carry mandatory prison sentences, so fighting the conviction is crucial. Our team is willing to take any case to trial to fight for our clients, and our experience in the courtroom can give you the edge you need.

At the Turner Firm, we are familiar with the way the government operates when pursuing charges. This includes their methods of investigation, the tactics that the prosecutor will use in a trial, and even the way that certain judges operate. This enables our team to create a personalized defense for you.

Investigation and Sex Crimes

Every piece of information is important in the legal process. Our firm will hunt down any lead that can make a difference in your case. We are adept at interviewing witnesses, finding details, and providing evidence. We have a reputation for taking on even the toughest cases and turning them around because we firmly believe that there is always hope.

Providing Support in Any Way Possible

Sex crimes can exact a toll on defendants that goes far beyond legal ramifications. Embarrassment, confusion, and fear are all natural emotions that you might experience if you have been accused of a sex crime. We work to make this process as easy as possible for you. We will arm you with information and empower you to make the right decisions.

We have had success defending sexual assault cases in the past, and we can have success defending you.

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