Savannah Prescription Drug Fraud Lawyer

Prescription fraud is a serious crime under Georgia law. Some people mistakenly believe that because prescription drugs are legal, prescription fraud is not a big deal. This is simply not the case. Prescription drug fraud is a felony under Georgia law. It can consist of either altering an existing prescription or forging a prescription. Pharmacies have a number of different strategies to detect prescription fraud. When a pharmacy detects prescription fraud, it is reported to law enforcement authorities. If an arrest does not occur immediately, usually an investigation will begin with an arrest occurring at a later date.

What is prescription drug fraud?

Sometimes people commit prescription drug fraud by altering the quantity of pills or refills on an otherwise valid prescription. Other times, people commit prescription fraud by forging a prescription. In some instances, people will steal a doctor’s prescription pad and use it to forge prescriptions. Additionally, people will forge a prescription over the phone or by computer.

How is prescription drug fraud detected?

Pharmacies have a number of different standard methods to detect prescription drug fraud. Sometimes pharmacies are tipped off to prescription drug fraud because the dosage on a forged prescription varies from the standard dosage or the forged prescription contains improper medical descriptions or instructions. Other times, pharmacies are tipped off when a forged prescription is photocopied or contains more than one type of ink or handwriting.

What are the penalties for prescription drug fraud?

Even though prescription drugs are legal, obtaining them in an illegal manner or even attempting to obtain them in an illegal manner is a serious crime under Georgia law. Prescription drug fraud is a felony in Georgia. If you’re convicted of prescription drug fraud, you’ll be faced with prison time, fines, probation and drug counseling. Additionally, a drug felony conviction will appear on your permanent criminal record and can disqualify you from certain jobs, loans, schools and even housing.

If you’re facing a prescription drug fraud charge, one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Turner Firm can help minimize the penalties and permanent consequences that you are facing. Call our office today for a no-cost consultation about your case.

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