Mail Theft in Georgia

When people use the term “theft” they are often referring to situations in which money or valuables were stolen from another person by stealth or by force. Mail theft refers to unlawfully stealing another person’s mail.According to US Code Section 1708, mail theft is taking another person’s mail for any reason. Mail is defined as a letter, package, box, or postcard.  Mail theft qualifies as a federal offense because the USPS is a federal agency.

Common Types of Mail Theft

Mail is often stolen because the thief believes that the mail contains cash, checks, credit card applications, or other valuable information.

Mail theft could involve mail that is stolen from:

  • A mailbox
  • A USPS truck
  • An apartment complex’s panel of mailboxes
  • Neighborhood collection boxes
  • A co-op’s mailing racks

Other Charges Related to Mail Theft

The circumstances of the case will help determine if other charges accompany Mail Fraud. If accessing the mail receptacle involved forcing open a door or a lock, then the charges could extend to breaking and entering.

Identity theft is also a common charge that goes alongside mail theft. Mail will often include personal identifying information. Some examples of personal identifying information are:

  • Full legal names
  • Dates of birth
  • Social security, tax identification, driver’s license numbers
  • Bank, credit card, and other financial information
  • School and employee ID numbers
  • Addresses

If that information is used by the thief, then an Identity Theft charge will likely be pursued by the prosecution.

Potential Consequences for Federal Mail Theft in Georgia

Federal mail theft is a felony under United States law. A conviction can result in up to five years in federal prison and a massive fine of up to $250,000.A new law was passed in 2021 in Georgia that created two new felonies.Theft by possession of stolen mail is legally defined as stealing and possessing a minimum of ten pieces of mail that was addressed to three or more mailboxes.Porch piracy is legally defined as taking at least three packages, boxes, or other pieces of mail from three or more porches, steps, or mailboxes.

Both felonies can result in up to five years of jail time if the prosecutor obtains a conviction.

Fight Back Against Mail Theft Charges

Being convicted of a crime can hurt a person’s life. A criminal record can make it difficult to obtain housing, keep a job, or live a normal life. Some people seem to believe that even being accused of a crime is enough to derail their life’s trajectory.

But an accusation is not a conviction, and the right legal team can help get the charges dismissed or reduced. At the Turner Firm, we win what seems the unwinnable case for our clients daily by being better prepared than the opposing side.  If you know more and do more than the opposing side, that is what wins cases.

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