Witness Testimony in Savannah, GA Criminal Cases

Witness testimony can make or break a criminal case. If you act quickly to work with an attorney who knows how to collect evidence and interview witnesses, you can increase the likelihood of getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

What Are the Different Types of Witnesses?

A good attorney will be able to identify different types of witnesses and employ different interview and cross-examination tactics to support your case. There are three different types of witnesses in a case:

  • Expert witnesses–These are individuals like doctors or scientists with specialized expertise who can explain evidence.
  • Character witnesses – These are individuals who can testify to your personality, morals, or values. These witnesses are useful if your reputation is being called into question.
  • Lay witnesses–Also known as eyewitnesses, these are individuals, for example friends or acquaintances,who can testify about what they observed.

How Witnesses Can Work in Your Favor

Witnesses can help your case in many ways. For example, in a DUI case,an expert witness like a doctor can help explain other reasons why a breathalyzer test was abnormally high. A character witness can help reinforce your standing in the community. A lay witness can help refute what the prosecution says you did or did not do.

At The Turner Firm, we use all tactics at our disposal to build a successful case, including interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence. We’ve built a reputation for winning favorable outcomes in cases that seem hopeless.

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