Savannah Drug Possession Lawyer

Being charged with possession of illegal drugs can happen to anyone. As its name suggests, simple drug possession is a simple crime with a relatively easy burden of proof for the prosecution. For example, you can be arrested and charged with drug possession if police find illegal drugs anywhere on you or in your car. Even if you didn’t know about the drugs, you can still be charged with drug possession. Additionally, you can be arrested and charged with drug possession if police find prescription drugs on you if the drugs are prescribed to someone else.

What are the penalties for drug possession?

Generally speaking, for a first offense drug possession charge, you could be faced with one to 15 years in prison. If you’re a repeat offender, you could be faced with a maximum of a lifetime prison sentence. However, the penalties for drug possession under Georgia law are wide-ranging, and they all depend upon the individual facts and circumstances of your case. Not only will your punishment be governed by your prior criminal record, it will also be impacted by the type and quantity of the drug that is determined to be in your possession. Additionally, you will face a higher penalty if you are arrested within a school zone. Penalties for a drug possession conviction can include jail time, probation, community service, drug counseling and fines.

Can I fight a drug possession charge?

Yes! At The Turner Firm, we represent clients charged with all types of crimes including drug possession. We will thoroughly investigate your case and sift through the evidence to uncover every weakness in the prosecution’s case. Our meticulous review of the evidence as well as our detailed knowledge of Georgia’s drug laws work together to build you a vigorous defense strategy. If negotiations with the prosecuting attorney fail to produce a favorable outcome for you, we’ll stand ready to try your case to a jury. Do not waste another minute worrying about your case and fretting over your future. The Turner Firm can help! Call our office today for a free evaluation of your case.

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