Savannah Sexual Battery and Aggravated Sexual Battery Lawyer

Like all sex crimes, sexual battery is a serious offense. An accusation can severely harm your reputation, and a conviction can have major legal repercussions.

But it is important to fight against a conviction. You may feel helpless if you have been accused of Sexual Battery, there is always hope that the charges will be reduced or dismissed altogether.

Defining Sexual Battery

In the state of Georgia, sexual battery is intentional physical contact with another person’s intimate body parts without consent. This could be applied to groping or to any other type of unwanted touching.

Intimate body parts are typically the groin area of another person, their buttocks or anus, or even their inner thighs. It can also be applied to female breasts.

Legal Consequences of Sexual Battery in Georgia

Although not a felony, sexual battery is an aggravated misdemeanor.

  • A conviction can mean 12 months in jail. It can also result in a fine of up to $5000.
  • A second offense will increase the prison time significantly. A prison sentence for a second offense will last between one and five years.
  • Furthermore, if the victim is a child, the penalties will match those of a normal second offense, even if it is the defendant’s first conviction.
  • Aggravated sexual battery is a felony. The prison sentence will be a minimum of twenty five years and have the potential to be a life sentence. Beyond this, you will be registered as a sex offender which can prevent you from easily obtaining work or living in certain areas.

Possible Defenses for Sexual Battery

Although sexual battery is a serious offense, there are many potential defenses. While an accusation may hurt your reputation, the prosecution still has to get a conviction in the court room. A good defense attorney may be able to stop a conviction from happening.

Possible defenses include:

  • Demonstrating that no sexual contact occurred, often with an alibi that proves the defendant was not present at the time of the incident.
  • Digging into the accusation and proving that it is false or rooted in a misrepresentation of the truth.
  • Exposing a lack of evidence on the part of the prosecution.

Our Firm Has Had Success Defending Clients Against This Charge

Recently, at the Turner Firm, a client was being charged with Rape and Aggravated Sexual Battery. If convicted, the defendant could have been given a life sentence. Joey Turner got involved and was able to get the charges dismissed.

Investigating the Details

A good defense attorney knows that small details can make a big difference. When we are hired, we immediately begin hunting down evidence and information. No matter how small it may seem, we follow every lead. We know well that sometimes a tiny, seemingly irrelevant piece of witness testimony can unlock the entire case.

We’re Here to Help You

Many people feel helpless when they are charged with a crime. Our firm works to empower our clients. We have a reputation for winning the toughest cases. We know that there is always hope and will help you find the right options for your situation.

You Deserve the Best Defense

A conviction for a sex crime will impact your life in too many ways to count. Therefore, you need to get the best defense, and hire an attorney who has your best interests at heart.

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