Savannah Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Although a speeding ticket does not typically carry criminal implications, it can still have a significant impact on your life. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, a speeding ticket can deliver a real blow to your wallet. Even a minor speeding ticket carries points that will be recorded on your driving record. These points increase your insurance premiums. Additionally, if you accumulate enough points within a certain period of time, you could have your driver’s license suspended.

How many points is a speeding ticket?

The number of points depends upon the severity of the speeding ticket. A speeding ticket for up to 19 mph over the speed limit is 2 points. A speeding ticket for 19-23 mph over the speed limit is 3 points. A speeding ticket for 24-33 mph over the speed limit is 4 points. Finally, a speeding ticket for 34 mph or more over the speed limit is 6 points. Keep in mind that if you accumulate 15 points within a two-year period, your driver’s license can be suspended. For drivers under the age of 18, their driver’s license can be suspended if they accumulate only 4 points within a one-year period.

What are the other penalties and repercussions of a speeding ticket?

In addition to accumulating points on your driving record, you will also be required to pay a fine for your speeding ticket. You could even be faced with jail time in some instances. For example, if you are ticketed for speeding in a work zone, you could be faced with a fine as high as $2,000 plus 12 months in jail.

Even if the fine for your speeding ticket is minor and you are not facing jail time, it is still often worthwhile to fight your speeding ticket. Even one point on your driving record will raise your insurance premiums, and you can be required to pay an increased premium for up to seven years.   Even though your first instinct might be that you don’t need an attorney for a speeding ticket, you owe it to yourself to give us a call to find out. We offer a no-cost analysis of your case without any obligation to retain our services. Call The Turner Firm today!

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