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Juvenile Sex Crimes

So-called Romeo and Juliet laws exist to protect young people who are close in age from being prosecuted as felons if they engage in sexual activity. These laws lower the crime of sex with a minor from a felony to a misdemeanor. They apply if:

  • The victim is between 14-16 years old.
  • The defendant is 18 years old or no more than four years older than the victim.

If these criteria are met, the crime becomes less severe in the eyes of the law.

This law is basically to protect people who began a relationship as teenagers, despite an age difference of a few years. But this is a limited application, as the law still maintains that a person under the age of consent (which is 16 in Georgia) cannot legally engage in sexual activity with someone who is older.

Do These Laws Apply?

The difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge cannot be overstated. Joey Turner knows how crucial it is, and tries to determine how to lessen charges whenever possible, whether these laws apply or not.

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