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Murder is perhaps the most serious crime under Georgia law. In Georgia, murder is legally defined as the intentional killing of another person with malice and without legal justification. In the event that there is a legal justification—such as self defense—a murder might not result in criminal charges. Georgia law classifies murder depending upon the circumstances of the case. Murder and felony murder are the most serious murder charges under Georgia law. Voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter are less serious murder charges.

What is first-degree murder?

Murder in the first degree and felony murder are the most severe categories of murder under Georgia law. In Georgia, first-degree murder is sometimes referred to as malice murder. First-degree murder is a deliberate or pre-meditated killing. It is committed by a malicious act that is intended to cause the death of another person. Murder can also be charged as felony murder. Felony murder is a murder that occurs during the commission of another felony such as a burglary or aggravated assault. You can be charged with felony murder even if you are nowhere nearby when the victim dies. Your participation in the underlying felony along with the victim’s death is sufficient to charge you with murder. Unlike a regular murder charge, the prosecution is not required to prove the elements of malice or premeditation for a felony murder charge.

What is the punishment for murder?

Punishment for murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter varies according to the facts and circumstances of your case. These crimes contain a range of punishment so that the punishment can be tailored to fit the crime. The punishment for murder and felony murder is the death penalty, life imprisonment without parole or life imprisonment with parole. The punishment for voluntary manslaughter is one to 20 years in prison. Finally, the punishment for involuntary manslaughter is one to ten years in prison.

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