Avoid an Orange Crush Arrest

Every year, thousands of people flock to Tybee Island to celebrate Orange Crush. This can be a great time to celebrate with friends and blow off some steam on the beautiful Tybee beaches. However, it also leads to more arrests than any other event in the Savannah area. If you are going to Orange Crush this year, here are some tips to avoid an arrest:

  1. If a police officer asks you if you have had anything to drink, you have the right to say no. Whether you are driving or partying on the beach, you do not have to admit to the police that you have consumed any alcohol. If you do, it will likely lead to additional questioning.
  1. If the police ask to search your car, you have the right to say no. The police will be all over Tybee Island this year, and many people will allow them to search their car in the hopes that by cooperating the police will leave them alone. That never happens, and by consenting to a search, you are waiving any future rights to challenge it.
  1. Be careful to avoid anything that might lead to a “drunk and disorderly” charge. During Orange Crush, the police are looking particularly hard at anyone that appears intoxicated. If someone is yelling, fighting, or threatening anyone else in any way, they are setting themselves up to be targeted for a drunk and disorderly charge.
  1. If you are charged with a crime, get a lawyer immediately. So many people try to just pay their tickets from Orange Crush in order to get it over with. However, all tickets have repercussions, and tickets given during Orange Crush can often be beaten by a competent attorney.

Enjoy Orange Crush, and if you need any legal advice, give us a call.

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