Bank Robbery in Georgia

Under Georgia law, robbery is directly taking another person’s property against his or her will, either by force or threatening to use force. If a weapon is used during the commission of a robbery, as is the case in most robberies of banks and other financial institutions, it is considered an armed robbery.

Elements of an Armed Robbery

It is important to note that a weapon does not need to be used in the commission of a robbery in order for the “armed” distinction to be made. Simply possessing a weapon at the time of the alleged offense is enough to elevate the charge. In fact, even a fake weapon could lead to these serious charges.


Armed robbery is a felony in Georgia, which means that if you are convicted of this offense you will likely serve time in prison. Sentences typically range from five to 20 years; however, in some cases judges have imposed life in prison and even the death penalty. Circumstances that may result in an increased sentence include any injuries or deaths that occur at the time of the robbery.

What About Co-Conspirators?

Those who aid or assist others in the commission of an armed bank robbery can be charged as a “party to the crime.” This is also a felony, which could result in 10 years in prison.

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