Bryan County Jail Release and Bond Process

It’s a moment of terror when you believe a loved one was taken to Bryan County Jail. The first thing you should do is call your lawyer. If you don’t have one, The Turner Firm is happy to help by calling the jail on your behalf to determine if your loved one was detained, and will work hard to help get them released.

Attorney Joey Turner has a long history of working with the Bryan County legal system and knows how to move efficiently to get your loved one released from jail as quickly as possible.

How Does Processing Work at Bryan County Jail?

After an individual is arrested, they will be taken to Bryan County Jail to be detained. Then, clerical work to process the arrest will take place. This includes a background check, taking fingerprints and taking mug shots of the individual. Once the clerical work is complete, they will be taken to a cell for holding and will have their personal items taken away.

How Long Will My Loved One Be in Bryan County Jail?

The amount of time an individual spends in Bryan County Jail depends on several factors including what crime they were arrested for, history of prior offenses and bond amount. Your loved one could spend only a few hours in jail, or might have to stay for several days.

An arrested individual often has a hard time securing their own release quickly, but working with an attorney who knows the system, like Joey Turner, can make the release process go a lot faster.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Attorney?

Having a skilled defense attorney on your side can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. An attorney can:

  • Reduce or get the charges potentially dismissed
  • Help get the individual released from jail faster
  • Reduce or remove bonds
  • Gather the case’s information and present it on the individual’s behalf using extensive knowledge of the law

Not having a skilled defense attorney can lead to unfavorable outcomes in court, spending even more time in jail, or having a bond denied or increased. It’s important that you have someone representing you or your loved one who is familiar with the process and can fight back appropriately and effectively.

How Much Will the Bond Be?

How much the bond is depends on the individual’s specific case and circumstances. A judge will determine if a bond is issued and the amount. A more serious offense could mean a higher bond, while less serious offenses may incur a smaller one. However, a prior criminal record can increase the amount as well as if the individual is considered a flight risk.

If the individual cannot pay the bond or is denied one, they can petition the court to reconsider. An attorney can help you through this process.

What Types of Bonds Can a Judge Issue?

Bonds are used as a way to ensure that the defendant will be in court when they are required to be there. There are a few different types of bonds a judge could issue, including:

  • A cash bond, where the defendant pays the bond amount and when they show up in court, the money is returned.
  • A property bond, where the defendant uses property as collateral to secure their release.
  • A surety bond, where a third party pays the full amount, and the defendant incurs a third-party fee – usually between 10-15 percent of the total bond amount.
  • A signature bond, where the defendant does not have to pay anything, but promises to pay a fine should they fail to appear in court.

Why Should I Work with The Turner Firm?

At The Turner Firm, we understand the importance of acting with haste when a loved one is arrested. We respond quickly by working to release the defendant from jail, preserving any evidence and gathering witness testimonies while the events are still fresh in their minds. We will be prepared to fight back so you can get your loved one released and move on. Meet with us for a free, no obligation consultation by filling out the form below today.

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