Effingham County Jail Release and Bond Process

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Processing at the Effingham County Jail

Following an arrest, local law enforcement will bring the individual to the county jail for processing. Also known as “booking,” processing is the clerical end of the arrest paperwork. During this time, an arrestee will:

  • Be fingerprinted
  • Have a mugshot taken
  • Have a criminal background check performed
  • Surrender all personal items/effects

Once an individual is booked, there is a record in the system of the arrest. This allows friends, family and legal assistance to locate the individual and attempt to help. At this stage, the arrestee will be brought to a cell to await a bond hearing.

What Happens at a Bond Hearing?

At a bond hearing, the prosecution will provide the judge with a brief overview of the case. They will explain the charges, provide a summary of the evidence and make a suggestion for a type and amount of bond they believe appropriate for the situation.

Individuals are permitted legal representation at these early stages, which can be of great help to their clients. A skilled attorney can offer different evidence or explain problems with the prosecution’s theory of the case. Such representation can often result in:

  • A quicker appearance before the judge, which means less time waiting in jail
  • Lower bond amounts or even the waiving of bond requirements
  • An opportunity to present evidence and facts at this early stage
  • More favorable legal outcomes

The Cost of a Bond

After listening to both sides, the judge will issue a ruling on the bond hearing. In general, the more serious the crime, the higher the bond requirement is likely to be. Other aggravating factors that could increase the bond amount include but are not limited to prior criminal history, being considered a flight risk and being considered a danger to the public.

What are the Different Types of Bonds?

Bonds come in different forms and judges are given a wide latitude to use the type that best fits the circumstances of the situation. Common bond types are:

  • Own Recognizance: Release from custody without any required collateral.
  • Signature Bond: Like being released on recognizance, the individual is not required to provide any collateral, however failure to appear in court will result in a fine.
  • Surety Bond: A third party company will post the required bond in exchange for a fee. The fee is typically between 10-15% of the bond’s value.
  • Property Bond: A judge allows for the use of real or personal property to serve as collateral to ensure future court appearances.
  • Cash Bond: The defendant surrenders the required amount in cash for the court to hold throughout the proceedings. Upon final disposition of the matter, the cash is returned.

Bonds are not required and in extreme cases the judge is able to order that a defendant be held without bail while awaiting trial.

If a person is denied a bond either directly or indirectly through an inability to pay the required amount, they are entitled to petition the court for new hearing in an attempt to secure their release.

Better Odds of Dismissal or Reduction with a Criminal Lawyer

When you or someone you care about has been arrested, it is important to find legal representation as soon as possible. An attorney can help locate an individual within the jail system and immediately begin working towards their release. Recruiting an attorney early on can prevent charges from being filed against you altogether or help prove to the prosecutor that the charges against you have no merit and should be dismissed. Whether it is speeding up a bond hearing or conducting an investigation to locate witnesses and evidence in preparation for a criminal defense, it is never too early to start working for a client. Time is often of the essence and prompt contact with an attorney can shape the direction of a criminal investigation.

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