Failing to Register as a Sex Offender in Georgia

What You Need to Know

The criminal justice system is particularly strict toward sex offenders, requiring them to register with the state and providing harsh punishments to those who don’t.

Strict Liability Crimes in Georgia

Failing to register, forgetting to register, providing false information, or skipping registration is not taken lightly in Georgia and is considered a strict liability crime.  These actions are also deemed a felony.

Deliberate or accidental, failure to report to the Sheriff’s Office of the offender’s local jurisdiction is all it takes to sustain a conviction. Strict liability means that your actions are deemed criminal regardless of your intentions, which means you can be convicted even if you are not aware that your actions are criminal.

Failing to Register as a Sex Offender Punishment

First Offense: Failing to register can lead to a prison term of 1-30 years for a first offense in Georgia.

Second Offense: The punishment for a second offense is even more dire with a term of 5-30 years in prison.

If you’re facing these charges, there is hope but immediate action is required on your part with the help of a skilled attorney.

What We Do Differently

The charges for failing to register as a sex offender can be severe. But they can also be reduced or potentially dismissed with the right defense attorneys.

At the Turner Law Firm, we have successfully defended clients for sex crimes. Our strongest conviction is that you deserve to have your side of the story told and feel protected. We act on this conviction with a team of experts ready to gather evidence and create an effective defense for your unique situation.

It’s a level of expertise that has seen our attorneys called upon by local and national news outlets ranging from The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS to discuss our high-profile, high-stakes cases. But the accolades that mean the most to use are the scores of successful case wins, positive online reviews, testimonials and awards.

Providing Hope

The nature of sexual crimes means they are handled differently. The government has a vested interest in securing a guilty verdict, regardless of the defendant’s innocence. With the deck this stacked against you, you need a legal team who has proven themselves to be capable champions for your cause.

Things may seem bleak for those facing these charges, but there is always hope. At the Turner Firm, giving you that hope is what gives us pride in the work we do. With the right preparation and expertise, we believe no case is unwinnable including yours.

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