Federal Drug Crimes Charged in Georgia

Drug offenses are serious, no matter when or where they are charged. However, certain drug offenses fall under federal law—and these are among the most aggressively prosecuted charges you can face. If you are arrested on federal property or if the circumstances of your arrest involve a federal agent, you could be facing federal drug charges.

Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines

Drug charges that are filed at the federal level differ from state and local drug offenses in the severity of the charge and the potential punishment. Many federal drug crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences, which means that if you are convicted you will be required to serve some time behind bars and/or be subject to a hefty fine. These required sentencing guidelines are strict.

Federal Drug Crimes

Serious Drug Crime Defense

If you or a loved one is facing a federal drug charge, the first thing you need to do is find an experienced defense attorney who can begin building your defense right away. Contact The Turner Firm to schedule a confidential and no-obligation review of your case.

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