First DUI Court Appearance in Savannah

When you are charged with DUI, your case begins immediately—whether you are ready or not. Immediately after you are arrested, your case will be given a court number and a first court date. Many people procrastinate until the day of that first court date, and others make the mistake of trying to handle their first appearance themselves with the thought that they can hire an attorney before anything “serious” happens. This is the worst way to start your case.

The First Court Appearance

If you are arrested in Savannah, your first court date will be in the Chatham County Recorders Court. This court appearance provides a great opportunity to put your arresting officer on the witness stand and grill them about the way they handled your DUI investigation and arrest. A good attorney will often be able to blow so many holes in the officer’s testimony that your DUI may be reduced or dismissed from the very start.

Municipal Court Appearance

If you are arrested in the areas around Savannah, such as Tybee Island or Port Wentworth, your first court date will be in their respective municipal courts. It always amazes me to see how many people appear in these courts without a lawyer and plead guilty to DUI without putting up a fight. Just because you are arrested for DUI, it does not mean that you are guilty of DUI! An aggressive attorney can often beat your DUI at this first court appearance or, at a minimum, get the charges reduced for you. You have the right to an attorney, and you should take advantage of that right.

You Need Representation Immediately

From the moment you are arrested, the police are building their case against you. Therefore, in order to defend yourself and beat the charges, you need to have a tough DUI attorney that is willing to fight for you. Your first court appearance is just too important to try and handle by yourself.

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