How to Avoid an Arrest on Memorial Day 2024 in Savannah, Georgia

Once school is out, many people will be flocking to the beaches of Tybee Island and the streets of Savannah to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time for law enforcement, but they will be out in particularly high numbers this weekend due to the expected crowds.

If you’re planning a big Memorial Day celebration, here are some tips to avoid spending the weekend in jail:

• Impairing substances can lead to unfavorable interactions with law enforcement, so to avoid legal trouble, consider your plans this weekend.

• Avoid getting into a car when you’re unsure of its contents. During holiday weekends, it’s common for people to catch rides with friends. If you’re a passenger and there’s marijuana, pills, or a gun in the car, you can be held responsible.

• Avoid domestic violence situations. Impairment of any kind can escalate arguments into physical altercations, which can result in the police separating couples for the weekend. I have seen weekend visitors needing separate transportation home due to a domestic violence arrest while on vacation. Don’t let this be the story of your weekend.

• Please remember that you have the right to remain silent and ask to speak with an attorney.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and stay safe. Call us any time, day or night, if you need our help!

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