What is Operation Rolling Thunder in Savannah?

All around the Savannah area this summer, law enforcement officers are setting up roadblocks and conducting traffic stops as part of “Operation Rolling Thunder.” This is a seasonal effort that is being undertaken by local police and the Georgia State Patrol to find those committing traffic violations (and especially those that might be DUI). Operation Rolling Thunder has even led to several felony arrests for drugs and gun-related crimes.

If you come across Operation Rolling Thunder this summer, it is important to know your rights. If a police officer asks if you have been drinking alcohol, you have the right not to answer his or her question. A simple answer like, “I had a few drinks earlier” can lead you right into a DUI investigation. Another tip for the summer is to make sure that your vehicle registration and driver’s license are up-to-date and valid. If they are invalid or suspended, then you are setting yourself up for an officer to ask probing questions (and maybe even giving them reasonable articulable suspicion to search your car).

If you are traveling around Savannah this summer, be aware that law enforcement officers are watching you carefully. Call us at The Turner Firm to learn your rights today.

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