Police Seize My Property in Savannah

It is common for the police to seize your property if you are charged with a crime. For example, if you are arrested for possession of a controlled substance and you have some cash on you, the police will likely seize the cash and seek to keep it by claiming that it is somehow involved in the crime. The police may even try to seize your car!

One of the first things many clients ask us is, “Can I get my property back?” The short answer is yes, if we get to it in time. In order to seize your property, the police must start civil forfeiture procedures and notify you of their intent to keep your property. Once this has been filed and served, you have 30 days in which to file a response and challenge the seizure. You cannot do this by yourself; it is a highly technical procedure and it is very easy to omit important details and find yourself in default. You need an experienced attorney to handle this for you.

If you have been arrested and your property has been seized, give us a call immediately. We can help you get back what belongs to you.

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