Savannah, Georgia Pre-Warrant Hearing

What is a Pre-Warrant Hearing?

In Georgia, if someone believes that you have committed a crime against them (such as theft or harassment), they can go to a magistrate and complete an application for an arrest warrant. The Magistrate Court will then schedule a Pre-Warrant Hearing so that the complainant can present testimony and other evidence to support the application. If sufficient evidence is presented, an arrest warrant may be issued for the Defendant.

Pre-Warrant Hearings: Serious Proceedings

Because a pre-warrant hearing can end in an arrest and formal criminal charges, it is not something to be taken lightly. If someone has completed an application for an arrest warrant against you, you need the best criminal defense attorney that you can find. It is important to treat a Pre-Warrant Hearing with the same importance that you would for a trial. Your freedom and criminal record are at stake.

Having a good attorney represent you at a Pre-Warrant Hearing can make all the difference. We present exhibits and testimony to help clear your name. We also cross-examine the complainant vigorously to expose the weaknesses in their claim. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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