Savannah Aggravated Battery on Police Officer Lawyer

Battery is intentional harm one person causes another, whether with a weapon or just with fists. Battery is the physical injury caused by an attack. Aggravated battery means that the damage is more severe than it would be for a simple battery charge.

Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer

Because of the role police officers play in keeping the peace and mediating conflict, the law has specific provisions that protect them. This means that the penalties for an aggravated assault are more severe if a police officer is the one who was assaulted.  It raises the minimum sentence from 1 year to 10 years, and can make the punishment more severe for the same level of damage.

It can be difficult to legally determine the line between battery and aggravated battery. In general, it means more serious damage, so the loss of use of a specific body part or significant disfigurement.

How Can an Attorney Make a Difference?

Joey Turner is an effective attorney with a wealth of experience defending clients facing various charges.  With an aggravated assault charge, Joey Turner will often attack the prosecution’s definition of “serious” injury. In getting the assault downgraded from an aggravated assault, the first big step has been taken towards a lesser sentence.

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