Savannah Aggravated Stalking Lawyer

“Stalking” is a word that has many meanings in today’s world. With social media, it is easy to keep track of a person’s life from afar without them even knowing. While the government has laws surrounding technological harassment, stalking is a crime that can only be committed in person.

Aggravated Stalking

Aggravated stalking is a specific criminal charge. In general, it is the violation of a restraining order or legal stipulation that the defendant stays away from a certain person. If the subject has some sort of legal stipulation that the defendant stay away from them, the defendant cannot:

  • Follow the subject.
  • Place the subject under surveillance.
  • Attempt to have personal contact with them in any way.

Any violation of these restraining orders or injunctions may result in an aggravated stalking charge.

How Can the Right Attorney Make a Difference?

Joey Turner is an experienced and effective defense attorney. He understands how serious any criminal charge is, and has experience dealing with stalking charges. Stalking often relies on proof of knowledge of the contact, and Joey Turner can attack that proof. In other words, there are many non-stalking related reasons to be in a certain place at a certain time, and Joey Turner knows how to make that argument.

Contact Joey Turner today to learn what he can do for you.

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