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Terrorism is a word that is used frequently in the media and by politicians. Typically, it is used to refer to acts of mass violence. In the legal system, however, it is a charge that has a lesser meaning, though it still must be taken seriously.

What Are Terroristic Threats?

In short, a terroristic threat is an action that is meant to cause fear, uncertainty, and terror in another person. Violence can involved, but it is not about killing or hurting others, but rather inciting terror. This can include:

  • Actions intended to terrorize another person.
  • Actions intended to cause the evacuation of a building.
  • Actions intended to cause large public inconvenience.

These actions can be widely varied, but they can include things like burning a message in someone’s yard, calling in a bomb threat, or releasing some sort of dangerous chemical in a public space.

How Can an Attorney Make a Difference?

Joey Turner is an experienced defense attorney who understands the legal system, and can build a strong defense. For terroristic threats, there must be clear proven intent to incite terror. The threat must be clear, and the target must be clearly defined. Joey would likely begin by examining that aspect of the prosecution’s case and attempting to undermine their stated motive.

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, Joey Turner can help. Contact the Turner Firm today for a free consultation.

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