Bench Warrants in Georgia

A bench warrant is issued when a defendant fails to make a mandatory appearance in court. It is issued by the judge, and its name is derived from usage of the word “Bench” in relation to a judge’s decisions.

Bench warrants are issued for all types of crimes, from the simplest misdemeanor to the most serious felony.  Judges do not look favorably on someone for missing court.

What Are Possible Defenses For Missing a Court Appearance?

If a client can demonstrate that their failure to appear in court was due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be possible to avoid consequences from the bench warrant.

Unforeseen circumstances are anything that a person could not reasonably expect and avoid. This could include:

  • Serious illness
  • A family death
  • A car accident
  • Not being properly informed of the court date
  • A natural disaster.

What Will Happen If I Am Arrested Because of a Bench Warrant?

Law enforcement will take you into custody. To secure your release, you will have to pay bail and then await a new date to appear in court.

What If a Bench Warrant Is Currently Out For Me?

If you discover that one of these warrants has been issued for your arrest, contact the Turner Firm immediately to schedule a free, confidential legal consultation.  Our firm has helped many of our clients bypass the harsh penalties associated with a bench warrant.

How Can the Turner Firm Make a Difference?

No case is unwinnable and not every person arrested is guilty. At the Turner Firm, we work with people who are facing serious consequences. We give every case personal attention and fight to have charges reduced or dismissed.

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