Career Offender Designation in Georgia

Career Offender Designation in Georgia

If you are convicted of more than one federal or felony drug offense or violent crime in Georgia you may hear the term “career offender.” This is an important concept to understand, as having this negative designation will impact your sentence.

What Is A Career Offender?

The court considers someone a career offender if he or she:

  • Is at least 18
  • Committed a federal crime related to drugs or violence
  • Has two felony convictions for a crime involving drugs, violence or a combination of both

Sentencing Guidelines

Judges will always consider a defendant’s criminal history, specifically, when they compute the appropriate Sentencing Guideline, a bill that encourages courts to sentence repeat offenders to maximum penalties. The Sentencing Guidelines originated from the Sentencing Reform Act was passed in 1984.

Sentencing Career Offenders In Georgia

If a defendant is convicted of a crime and classified as a Career Offender, this means he or she shifts to a Level VI in criminal history category. Level VI is the highest level, which will definitely impact the sentence, not in a favorable way.

Also, a defendant who is considered a career offender is often susceptible to a higher offense, which is another significant blow against his or her case.

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