What is Chatham County Recorders Court?

What is Chatham County Recorders Court?

If you are arrested by the Savannah/Chatham Metro Police, then you will probably have your first court appearance in the Chatham County Recorders Court Recorders Court. Recorders Court is essentially the municipal court of Savannah and handles the initial appearance for all crimes that occur in Chatham County that do not fall under the jurisdiction of one of the smaller cities in the county, such as Pooler or Garden City.

What Cases Are Heard in Recorders Court?

If you have a serious misdemeanor, such as a DUI, or a felony, then you will probably not be able to resolve your case in Recorders Court. Most of the cases that are resolved in this court are for minor offenses such as speeding tickets and disorderly conduct violations.

How Can An Attorney Help?

It is important to be represented by an attorney when you go to Recorders Court because you have the right to a preliminary hearing at this stage of the case. You can learn a great deal about the evidence against you at a preliminary hearing, including what the arresting officer will testify to. All of these hearings are audio recorded as well, so the officer’s story cannot change significantly after the hearing.

If you have an upcoming court date in Recorders Court, you need an effective criminal lawyer to appear with you in order to protect your rights. Call us at The Turner Firm today to learn how we can help you with your appearance in Chatham County Recorders Court.

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