What is a Conspiracy in Georgia?

What is a Conspiracy in Georgia?

In Georgia, it is a crime to conspire with others to commit a crime and take an overt act towards the commission of that crime. Under the law, this offense is called conspiracy. If you are charged with and convicted of Conspiracy to Commit a Felony, you could face a minimum of one year of imprisonment.

Understanding Conspiracy

Conspiracy is one of the most misunderstood crimes in society today. Unlike other offenses, a person can be guilty of conspiracy even if a crime is not actually committed.

For example, if a group of people decide to distribute marijuana through the mail and they start stockpiling the necessary equipment (including airtight containers), then they can be found guilty of Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana whether any packages are ever shipped or not.

It is also worth noting that in a conspiracy, each person’s actions are attributable to the group as long as they are reasonably foreseeable. In other words, even if you don’t know what the others in the group are doing (for example, if one of the group members is distributing cocaine along with the marijuana), you can still be held legally responsible for committing the crime undertaken by your co-conspirators.

Conspiracy Charges in Georgia

Conspiracy is often charged in Georgia because it is relatively easy to prove and it often encourages individuals to turn on the others involved and provide information to the police with the hope of leniency. It is also hard to get out of the conspiracy once it begins, as simply distancing yourself from the others involved will often not be sufficient enough to show that you are out of the conspiracy.

If you are facing conspiracy charges, you need an experienced criminal lawyer that knows how to beat the charges. Give us a call at The Turner Firm to discuss how we can help you get your life back.

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