Counterfeit Crimes in Savannah, Georgia

Counterfeit Crimes in Savannah, Georgia

All currency that is issued by the government has a value attached to it. That’s why the government is very serious about protecting the currency they issue, and works to prevent private citizens from creating their own bills.

Counterfeit Offenses

Counterfeiting is the act of creating unauthorized reproductions of legally issued documents. Most often this refers to cash, or dollar bills of various amounts. This same charge can also be applied to forgery of treasury notes, legal documents, or even consumer products that use a trademark. Creating and selling fake “Rolex” watches is counterfeiting just as surely as printing dollar bills is.

Counterfeiting is a serious crime, and can result in huge penalties. Under some circumstances, a guilty verdict in a counterfeiting case can result in 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

A Real Defense for this “Fake” Offense

Counterfeiting relies heavily on intent for a conviction. The state may try to prosecute a person for making fakes that are jokes or are clearly counterfeit, but with a good defense it is difficult to get a conviction. If it can be proven that the items in question were not created for monetary gain or to defraud the federal government, it is possible to avoid the serious consequences of a conviction.

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