Credit for Time Served Plea in Georgia

Credit for Time Served Plea in Georgia

What is a Credit for Time Served Plea?

If you are arrested for a crime and subsequently denied bond, you could find yourself spending weeks or even months in jail while your case is pending. Prosecutors will often use this incarceration time to try and get you to plead guilty to the underlying criminal charge.

For example, if you are facing a Possession of Cocaine charge and you’ve been incarcerated for six months while your case was pending, the D.A. may offer you a plea of six months in jai and five years of probation. If you accept that plea, then you would be released from jail immediately. This is known as a “Credit for Time Served” Plea.

Is It Worth It?

The problem with such a plea is that it often induces people to plead guilty to felonies that they are not actually guilty of committing just so they can get out of jail. Even though they get out of jail, they often find themselves a convicted felon when they get out. This can prevent you from owning a firearm and can even make it hard to secure a job.

An aggressive attorney will help get the criminal case moving quickly so that you are not tempted to take a Credit for Time Served Plea just to get out of jail. Before you or a loved one pleas guilty to anything, give us a call to discuss all of your options. You can also use our online form to schedule a free case review.

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