Criminal Courts for Criminal Cases in Chatham County, Georgia

Criminal Courts for Criminal Cases in Chatham County, Georgia

If you’re facing criminal charges in Georgia, you’re probably worried and uncertain about the process. Knowing which court will hear your case can help you feel more comfortable about what’s ahead. With that knowledge comes empowerment and hope for your case – something we at The Turner Firm want all our clients to have.

Below, we’ve compiled an overview of the courts in Chatham County, Georgia, that hear criminal cases.

Chatham County State Court

Hearings for most misdemeanors like traffic violations as well as preliminary hearings for criminal cases take place in Chatham County State Courts.These courts also issue arrest warrants and search warrants and sometimes hear civil cases that do not warrant hearings in higher courts.

Chatham County Municipal Court

Traffic violations are also heard in Chatham County Municipal Court, along with county ordinance violations and some misdemeanors like trespassing, shoplifting, and minor drug possession charges. Preliminary hearings for criminal cases can take place here as well. This court can also issue warrants.

Chatham County Magistrate Court

Chatham County Magistrate Courts can issue search warrants and arrest warrants and hold preliminary hearings for some criminal offenses. It can also set bail in some criminal cases. Cases in magistrate courts are heard by a judge, not a jury.

Chatham County Superior Court

All criminal felony trials are held in Chatham County Superior Court. This is the main court that hears most civil and criminal cases.

Chatham County Juvenile Court

All juvenile cases are heard in Chatham County Juvenile Court. A juvenile is a person under the age of 18. Cases heard in juvenile court include those related to delinquency, abuse, neglect, child welfare, truancy, and traffic violations, among others.

Georgia Court of Appeals

The Georgia Court of Appeals is typically where appeals cases are heard in Georgia if they are not constitutional rights violations, which go to the Supreme Court of Georgia. The Georgia Court of Appeals hears cases where one side claims that legal or procedural errors were made in a trial that has concluded.

Supreme Court of Georgia

The Supreme Court of Georgia is the highest court in the state. It reviews decisions from lower courts in both civil and criminal matters. Any case involving constitutional law is heard at the Supreme Court of Georgia. Any criminal case that involves the death penalty as well as petitions to review decisions from the Court of Appeals are also heard at this level.

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