Extradition in Georgia

Extradition in Georgia

Extradition is a process that can be stressful, arduous, and sometimes even cruel. If you have been extradited or if you have a loved one anticipates this happening, it is important to know more about this type of transport and why having an experienced attorney matters.

What is Extradition?

When a criminal is extradited, he or she is taken from one state where he is being imprisoned, to a different state where he will be prosecuted. If you or a loved one is notified of an impending extradition, it is important to be proactive as the process can often be very slow and unpleasant.

Extradition in Georgia

If you have been extradited to Georgia from another state, or if you have a loved one being extradited out of Georgia, make sure you are working with an attorney who understands both federal and state law. The state requesting the inmate only needs to provide probable cause that a crime was committed in that state and that you or your loved one is the person who committed it.

How We Can Help

The Turner Firm has dealt with numerous cases similar to yours. Our attorneys are highly qualified and can help guide you or your loved one through the legal process. Whether your loved one is facing extradition, or has already gone through it, working with an experienced attorney will help make sure he or she is getting the representation he deserves. To learn more about your options, schedule a free review of your case today.

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