Fraud Charges in Savannah, Georgia

Fraud Charges in Savannah, Georgia

Fraud is a term that is used frequently, in both legal and non-legal situations. In the legal world, fraud is a type of crime that refers to lies or deception that are told in order to unfairly and illegally profit from a situation.

What Does Fraud Really Mean?

Fraud can take many different forms. Credit card fraud, health care fraud, identity fraud, falsification of documents, and counterfeiting are all forms of fraud. All of these forms share a few core characteristics.

  • A lie or piece of deceiving information was said, written, or implied.
  • The information was known to be false by the person who presented it.
  • The person knew that the other party would believe the lie, and respond accordingly.
  • The person who believed the falsehood lost property, money, information, or something similar due to the lie.

If these criteria are met, fraud has been committed and legal action will almost always be taken. The legal consequences vary widely depending on the type of crime that has been committed, the value of what was unfairly taken, and the person who it was taken from. A conviction of any sort of fraud will often result in a fine, and potentially a prison sentence.

Defense For All Types of Fraud

No matter the type of fraud charge you are facing, the Turner Firm is here to help. Our team is experienced, intelligent, and works diligently for each and every client.  We work to express our clients’ thought process and intentions to the court, and this can make all of the difference in these messy and complicated cases.

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