Georgia Orange Crush 2018 and the Alcohol Ban

Georgia Orange Crush 2018 and the Alcohol Ban

The annual Orange Crush event on Tybee Island is upon us. Each year, thousands of college students flock to Tybee to enjoy the beach and have a good time with their friends. This year, the Tybee City Council has banned alcohol from public places (ie the beach) during Orange Crush weekend.

What does the alcohol ban mean for you? For one, it means that if you are on Tybee and have a cup in your hands, you are likely to get police attention.  If an officer approaches you, you do not have to respond to questions like “What’s in the cup?” or “Have you seen any coolers around?”  You have the right to remain silent, and that is one of the wisest things that you can do when an officer asks you questions about possible criminal activity.

It is worth noting that the legality of the alcohol ban will likely be challenged in the coming months. Because the ban admittedly targets Orange Crush, there is a good argument that Tybee has discriminated against people based on either their age (a mostly college-aged crowd) or their race (a mostly African American crowd). If you are charged with an alcohol-related crime on Tybee, you should be prepared to challenge them on everything, including the reasons for the ban itself.

Orange Crush can be a fun time with family and friends. If you encounter the police however, the party can be over very quickly. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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