Health Care Fraud in Georgia

Health Care Fraud in Georgia

Health care fraud is a specific and important type of fraud that refers to illegal actions taken by health care providers, people receiving health care, or companies that are involved in health insurance.

What Is Health Care Fraud?

Health care fraud can be a wide range of crimes. This could include:

  • Overbilling patients and insurance companies for services.
  • Falsifying diagnoses to prescribe costly treatments.
  • Incorrectly reporting treatments rendered.
  • Altering details, medical records, or dates.
  • Receiving monetary benefits from health care referrals.
  • Submitting false information about health or personal details.
  • Forging prescriptions.

The offenses can be varied, but they all center on the idea of falsifying data or informing to profit or take advantage of the health care system.  Convictions for any of these can mean up to ten years in prison, as well as fines, probation, and a loss of a medical license.

Legal Care and Guidance

Health care, particularly when it involves insurance, is already a confusing and complicated world. Being accused of health care fraud can be terrifying, because the landscape is always shifting. At the Turner Firm, we understand the laws and regulations of the industry. We represent our clients’ side of the story, and make sure that they get their voices heard in court.

Whether you are a health care provider or receiver, the Turner Firm can help you if you have been accused of Health Care Fraud.

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