What is a Motion for New Trial?

What is a Motion for New Trial?

If you are convicted after a criminal trial in Georgia, you may feel like your case is over. However, this is far from the truth. In addition to being able to appeal the verdict, you can also make a Motion for a New Trial that may cause the judge to toss out the verdict and start your case over.

Appellate Process vs. Motion for a New Trial

The appellate process is quite long, especially since most cases have to be appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals or Georgia Supreme Court and these courts handle all appeals for the entire state of Georgia.

A much faster route is to file a Motion for New Trial because the case stays in the local court, rather than going to the appeals courts in Atlanta. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer will be able to help you navigate the procedure for doing that, which may include scouring the trial transcript for errors or finding newly discovered evidence and bringing it to light. A well-crafted legal argument could be the difference between a criminal conviction and an eventual acquittal.

 Help With Your Motion for a New Trial

It is important to know your rights when you are faced with a criminal trial. Call us at The Turner Firm to discuss all of your options.

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