Pre-Sentence Investigation in Georgia

Pre-Sentence Investigation in Georgia

What Is The Pre-Sentence Investigation?

If you’ are convicted of a crime in a federal court in Georgia, the pre-sentence investigation is an exploration of your history which will be compiled in a pre-sentence report. The judge in the case relies on this information to make a decision regarding the length and severity of your sentence in Georgia. An experienced attorney can help you build a positive pre-sentence report for stronger defense.

How The Pre-Sentence Report Is Compiled

In the period of time between your conviction and sentencing, a probation officer conducts a pre-sentence investigation. This is basically a deep dive on your past to create a full picture for the court. The investigation will include details surrounding the crime, and also personal information about you. It might explore previous arrests, your family, your employment situation, finances, any record of substance abuse, and other information that is pertinent to the case.

Although the pre-sentence report may bring up elements of your past that you may not want to highlight, it’s also an opportunity to show positive contributions you’ve made in your community or important changes you’ve made in your life.

How Can An Attorney Help?

You don’t have to have an attorney during the pre-sentence investigation. However, having one can have a positive impact on your case.

An experienced attorney will collect positive data to enhance your report. Examples may include a strong review from an employer, supportive statements about your character from co-workers, family, and friends, or proof that you are enrolled in a rehabilitation program if substance abuse is part of your record.

An attorney might also give you helpful advice as to how to strengthen your report, encouraging actions in your career or counseling to demonstrate character. In addition, an attorney will make sure your pre-sentence report is thorough and that you’re fairly treated, instead of getting lost in a system where often overworked officers may not put as much effort into the investigation as needed.

Lean On Us For Help With Pre-Sentence Reports

We have made a career of helping clients by bolstering their defense in every way we can. We’ve noticed judges don’t always have time to review the details in each unique case as much as they should. That’s why the pre-sentence investigation and pre-sentence reports are so important. It can make a big difference in your case.

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