Savannah Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Savannah Criminal Appeals Lawyer

The jury passes their verdict. Whether it’s in your favor or not, your fight may not be over. The losing side of a court case can “appeal” to a higher court to ask them to change the decision. If the appeals court determines there were errors in your case, the result may be thrown out.

Filing an Appeal in Georgia

If you were found guilty, you have the automatic right to an appeal. Within 30 days of your sentence, your lawyer can file a Notice of Appeal to request a higher court to review the case for errors. An appeal consists of a written document that recaps the facts and circumstances of your trial and makes an argument for why the case should be reviewed.

There are only two courts in Georgia that can hear appeals – the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Court of Appeals.

The Georgia Court of Appeals

For most criminal cases other than murder or cases that change the way the Georgia Constitution is interpreted, your lawyer will file an appeal with the Court of Appeals. Twelve judges sit on the Georgia Court of Appeals. Typically, three of them will be assigned to rule on a case.

The Appeal Process

The court will evaluate the specifics of your trial to determine if there were any legal or procedural errors, negligence, misconduct, or other reasons to review your case. If they find any, they can decide to grant you an appeal.

Keep in mind, being granted an appeal does not mean you get a re-trial. The arguments made in your initial case regarding your innocence are not up for review. The appeal only looks at the legal process to determine if your right to due process was violated or if you “suffered a miscarriage of justice” because someone along the way made a legal or procedural mistake.

Filing an appeal can be a complicated process full of convoluted legal details. Working with a lawyer who is familiar with the process is strongly advised.

How Often Are Appeals Successful?

Every case is unique, and every case has the potential for a successful appeal. People make mistakes all the time. If there was any misconduct or error in your case, we don’t stop until we find it.

A Track Record of Successful Outcomes

We have a reputation for winning unwinnable cases at The Turner Firm. Our clients come to us at the most challenging times in their lives looking to have their charges reduced or thrown out completely, and we achieve that for them time and time again.

If you feel there was an error in your case, reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss your appeal. We are available 24/7/365, and we can meet online, over the phone, or in person.

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