Sealed Records in Georgia

Sealed Records in Georgia

A criminal record can hold you back from potential jobs, housing, and educational opportunities. Getting your record restricted or sealed will keep it hidden from the public. However, filing to have your record sealed in Georgia can be complex. You must meet certain requirements, and the decision is ultimately up to the courts.

How do I request a record restriction in Georgia?

To request a record restriction in Georgia, you must file a motion in court. The court takes a few considerations into account to determine whether to approve or deny your request:

  • If you were convicted
  • If the case was dismissed
  • If witnesses did or did not show up in court

Once your record is restricted, it is only visible to the police and the court system.

How do I request to have my record sealed in Georgia?

Your record must be restricted before it can be sealed or expunged. Then, the prosecuting attorney will decide whether to allow a sealing request based on the potential harm to the general public as well as any additional crimes on your record.

Why might my request be denied?

Unfortunately, the court can deny any request to have a record restricted or sealed. Typically, they do so because the charge was convicted, witnesses failed to appear in court causing the case to be dismissed, the judge suppressed evidence due to a Constitutional violation, or the charges were for perjury or interfering with a witness.

Fighting to get your record sealed

Working with a qualified expungement attorney gives you the best chance of having your record restricted or sealed so you can pursue opportunities to better your life. Contact The Turner Firm to discuss your options for restricting, sealing, or expunging your record.

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