Transaction Card Fraud in Savannah, GA

Transaction Card Fraud in Savannah, GA

Credit cards and debit cards have become one of the most prevalent forms of making any sort of payment. With so many people using plastic for their transactions, it is natural that the legal system would have a specific law that deals with fraud involving these cards. That is the meaning of transaction card fraud.

Swiping Away

Transaction card fraud can be applied to:

  • Using another person’s card without their consent.
  • Using another person’s card that has been throw out or discarded.
  • Using the numbers from a person’s card without their knowledge or consent.

These are all fairly similar actions, so they are grouped as one offense in the eyes of the law. The amount that the card was charged will change the consequences of the case significantly, but this charge can lead to a maximum of five years in prison and a hefty fine.

 Defending Your Integrity

At the Turner Firm, we are well equipped with years of experience, and know how to present a compelling defense for this crime. For a conviction, the prosecution must prove that there was not consent, and there was intent to defraud. Without these two things, a conviction is unlikely. In many cases, intent to defraud is a point of weakness for the prosecution, because we are able to show that our clients were not intentionally defrauding anyone.

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