What is a “Calendar Call” in Georgia?

What is a “Calendar Call” in Georgia?

A Calendar Call is often the last court date before jury selection at trial. Many judges use a Calendar Call hearing to determine whether a case is going to be resolved by plea or if it is ready to proceed to trial.

Calendar Call Procedures

When you are scheduled for a Calendar Call hearing, you should go into the hearing knowing what to expect. You generally must have all of your motions filed before the date of the Calendar Call so that the court can determine if another court appearance is necessary before the case is ready for trial.

If you don’t have a motion filed by the Calendar Call date, it will likely be ruled “untimely” and dismissed. This can be devastating to your defense, especially if you had a good argument for a Motion to Suppress Evidence and Dismiss the Case.

Last Chance For a Negotiated Plea

The Calendar Call is also typically the last court date at which the Judge will accept a negotiated plea. After that date, the Judge will handle all plea and sentencing terms and neither the defense nor the prosecution has much say in the outcome of the plea. This is called an “open-ended plea” and, if it’s not handled properly, it can be like gambling with your freedom.

If you have a Calendar Call scheduled for your case, it is important to have the best lawyer you can find with you in court when you go. Contact us at The Turner Firm and let us discuss your options for the best possible defense.

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