Savannah Criminal Lawyer Questions

Three Questions to Ask your Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, you need to find an aggressive, effective criminal lawyer who will fight for you. Every criminal lawyer will tell you that they are willing to do whatever it takes for your case, but in reality many lawyers approach a case looking to plea it out as quickly as possible. It’s your life on the line; you deserve better than that.

You need the best lawyer you can find. I would advise you to ask any lawyer that you are considering the following three questions:

What kinds of out-of-court strategies do you use to help my case?

Many criminal lawyers do not do anything until the day of court. This is the worst way to handle a case. I make it a priority to speak to the arresting officer outside the courtroom so that I can learn information about the case that he would not normally say in court. A police officer will be prepared on the day of court, but not prepared when I show up at the police station, unannounced, to ask for some information about the case. This is a vital strategy that gives me extra insight on how to beat many charges.

A good lawyer will also go visit the crime scene, especially if it is a DUI offense. Knowing the area where the DUI allegedly occurred comes in handy when arguing that the officer did not have probable cause for the stop. I always go visit crime scenes if I am unfamiliar with the area.

What are some recent jury trials that you have won (or lost)?

Any respectable attorney will have recent jury trials that they would love to discuss with you. If a criminal lawyer does not have any recent jury trials, that should immediately be a warning flag that they are the type of lawyer who simply wants to plea. I always love to discuss the facts of my previous jury trials with prospective clients. Many times, my past successes help me in formulating a winning strategy for a new case.

What are your office hours? Are you available on the weekends?

A good criminal attorney knows that the police never sleep. In order to be the best, your attorney has to be available 24/7. I tell all of my clients to feel free to call or e-mail me at any time, day or night. When I am not in my office, I make sure that my staff can forward calls to my cell phone so that I can always be reached. I meet with my clients at their convenience, whether that is at 6:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m.

The best criminal lawyers do not look at their work as a nine to five job; they never stop working because it is what they love. Ask a prospective lawyer what they love about their job. If they don’t have an answer immediately, then you will know that you need to keep looking.

I hope these questions will help you find the best criminal lawyer for your case. We are always available to answer these and any other questions that you may have.

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