Additional Recent Savannah DUI Case Wins

Question: Can you discuss some of your recent Georgia DUI case wins?

Answer: I had a case recently with a high school student, actually 17 years old, and he was traveling back from work, it was actually late at night, early in the morning. And a police officer here in Port Wentworth just happened to be watching on the side of the road. In reality, he was looking for DUIs, looking for targets. And his claim was that my client had swerved off the road so violently that his car bounced. And what we were able to do with that was get the video from his car and show that my client didn’t swerve off the road; in fact he didn’t leave his lane. And if there was any sort of interference at all, it certainly wasn’t violent. And what we did with that case is we got the entire case thrown out for lack of probable cause for the officer, or reasonable articulable suspicion for the officer to even pull him over in the first place. And that was one where, since it was an underage client that was going to be a tough case. If we actually had to proceed with the DUI, his blood alcohol was over the .02, it was going to be a tough case. But we were able to get that video footage and show that the officer had no articulable suspicion to pull him over in the first place, and we got that one thrown out.

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