Bench and Jury Trial in Savannah

Question: What Is The Difference Between A Bench Trial And A Jury Trial In Savannah?

Answer: Basically, you have a right to a trial, and that can either be by a jury or by the judge, or as we would call it a bench trial. Sometimes with certain issues, you’re better off having the judge try it and you’re better off having a bench trial. That can be for certain charges that, say, the jury might not like; they may hold it against you for something and might let their emotions get away with them rather than actually try the case based on the facts and the law. So, there are definitely benefits to having the bench trial. That said, sometimes you just need a group of your peers, of ordinary people, to just tell them what happened and sometimes they can be more sympathetic and empathetic to you. If you know what you’re looking for in a juror, they can certainly help you try your case and sometimes you can come out better with that then you would with a judge trying it.

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