Contesting a Savannah Blood Draw

Question: How can you contest a blood draw in Savannah?

Answer: Usually the best way to contest a blood draw is to show that it wasn’t consensual. That’s usually the easiest, best, most efficient way to do it. What I have done in the past is when someone has come in and had their blood drawn for that, especially if we show that they were coerced into it—they didn’t understand, the officer did not take the time to explain to them what the repercussions of that were, that that was a blood alcohol test just like a breath test—and that basically any consent they gave wasn’t voluntarily given. And that happens a lot. Officers will make you feel like you’re forced to give a blood test. And most people will try to cooperate with officers thinking that if they do that, they’ll be left alone or the case will go away, and that’s not true. And a bad blood test is one of the hardest pieces to get rid of, it’s one of the biggest blocks that we have to deal with in a DUI.

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